Infection Detection: A Companion Activity to Beyond the Bite


As a companion activity to the Beyond the Bite disease guide, Infection Detection challenges players to solve medical mysteries involving mosquito-borne diseases. Working in small groups (three or four), one player assumes the role of the patient, the others work together as a team of doctors. The doctors must employ several strategies and use related resources to diagnose the patient’s disease. This approach not only taps into the popularity and high degree of engagement associated with solving mysteries but also integrates several basic science practices: asking questions, interpreting data, constructing explanations, engaging in arguments from evidence, and evaluating information.

Four patients have just entered the emergency department at Culicidae General Hospital.

Each patient exhibits different medical symptoms and has an interesting story to tell. A team of doctors trained in identifying mosquito-borne diseases springs into action. In addition to gathering and analyzing medical data, they must also uncover and factor in the relevant components of each patient’s story. Their diagnosis is critical; mosquito-borne diseases are a leading cause of death around the world. Time is of the essence!

Download the Activity (PDF)
Beyond the Bite: GLOBE Mission Mosquito Disease Guide (PDF)