Oct 14

Mission Mosquito Larvae Hunter’s Guide

Description: Right now, somewhere in the world, a mosquito is biting a human. Learn more about that bite, and the mosquitoes involved, through this scaffolded series of 28 engaging, hands-on activities. Apply that information to earn a Mosquito Larvae Hunter certificate and badge. Fun, hands-on activities scaffold learning on mosquito biology, habitats and citizen science.

Duration: 28 individual activities. Duration varies by activity. All can be done sequentially over several weeks or select entries can be chosen to fit into a more limited time frame.

Setting: Formal, informal education programs (libraries, camps), homeschools, community organizations (Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs), and citizen science programs.

Audience: Most appropriate for middle and adaptable for younger or older children.

Supplies/Materials: See individual activities for materials


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