Environmental Intelligence Marketplace Report

This report assesses the private sector’s use of existing USG Earth observation data and information for innovative business and consumer products.  Conducted for the Earthrise Alliance in support of The Earth Genome, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) authors, Nancy Colleton and Rachel Plescha, examine how government-supported Earth observations enable unique insights into and response to challenges on global as well as local scales, across numerous sectors.  This report is based on the thesis that the private sector is critical to leveraging and maximizing the investment in USG Earth observations, which is demonstrated through the 12 profiles of the innovative entities.

Citation: Colleton, N. and Plescha, R. (December 2021).  The Environmental Intelligence Marketplace: 12 Companies Innovating the Application of USG Earth Observations Data. A Report Prepared for the Earthrise Alliance in support of The Earth Genome. Arlington, VA: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. Retrieved from https://strategies.org/products/environmental-intelligence-marketplace-report.

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